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Florida LLC Name Search

Table Of Contents

  1. LLC Name Search
  2. Name Requirements for Florida LLCs
  3. Search Your Florida LLC Name
  4. Benefits of Florida LLCs

If you are forming a Florida LLC, you will need to choose a name for your business that is unique from all other active entities in the state of Florida. To assist with your naming efforts, the Florida Division of Corporations provides free use of their online entity database. This database can be used for a number of different reasons and is simple to use for brainstorming different business names. The database will let you know if a name is currently in use by another Florida entity, as well as the status of current Florida businesses. Please note, as your Florida registered agent we will perform this name search free of charge for you.

Name Requirements for Florida LLCs

As you brainstorm names for your business, keep in mind the following name guidelines that apply to Florida LLCs:

  1. Include an appropriate abbreviation.The name you choose for your business must include an LLC abbreviation, such as “LLC” or “L.L.C.”. The name cannot include use of words like “corporation”, “incorporated”, or additional words that signify other business structures.
  2. Choose a unique name. Your desired LLC name must be distinguishable from other registered Florida entities. The name must be completely unique. In other words, small differences like a different business structure abbreviation (LLC, Corp, etc.) does not constitute as unique.
  3. Conduct a name search. To be sure that your name is not in use by another Florida entity, search the Division of Corporations database. The database will help ensure that a unique name has been chosen, saving you time and complications with your formation process.

Search Your Florida LLC Name

Once you have come up with a name for your LLC, conduct a search in the Florida Division of Corporations database. If your chosen name is currently in use by an active Florida entity, you will not be allowed to register your LLC under that name. Follow these steps to complete your database search:

  1. To conduct an entity name search, first visit the Division of Corporations database here: http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/ByName
  2. Search your chosen business name. To begin, you will want to start with a broad search, so don’t include your LLC abbreviation or any punctuation. However, do not worry about capitalization.
  3. Also, try searching with only the first few words of your name, so you are certain there aren’t any names that appear similar to yours. This will help ensure you have completed a thorough search.
  4. Browse the search results for any names that appear similar to your own. If you find there are names that are indistinguishable from your desired name, you will need to try other options or come up with a suitable variation.
  5. However, if there are no search results that match your chosen name, you are free to register your LLC under that name.
  6. If you are not completely certain that your desired name is available or adequately distinguishable from other active entities in Florida, you can try registering that name without any worry. If that name is unavailable, then the Florida Division of Corporations will notify you that a name change is required before filing can occur.

Benefits of Florida LLCs

Asset Protection

Generally, LLCs protect their owners from potential debts or liabilities incurred by the company.

In most cases, the liability of an LLC owner is limited to the amount initially invested into the company.

Pass-Through Taxation

LLCs enjoy a pass-through taxation classification. This allows owners to report the profits and losses of the company on their own tax return, avoiding the double taxation that corporations are subject to.

Management Flexibility

The LLC structure offers simplicity and flexibility in both formation and management. LLCs have no limitations on membership and are allowed to implement their own profit distribution structure. If you have any questions, then your registered agentcan assist!