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Anonymous Florida LLC Strategy

Table Of Contents

  1. Anonymous LLC
  2. Save Money & Your Right to Privacy
  3. Anonymous LLC Benefits
  4. What's a Double LLC?
  5. Florida LLC Privacy
  6. How to Form a Double LLC
  7. Florida Double LLC Ensures Your Privacy
  8. Florida Land Trust

We have formed thousands of anonymous LLCs and would love to help with yours. Florida LLCs  unfortunately are not anonymous by default. We can assist with forming an anonymous New Mexico LLC or Wyoming LLC to list as the Florida LLC's owner. This satisfies Sunbiz's requirements for an owner to be listed, without listing your private information.

Other providers recommend forming two FL LLCs listed as the owners of each other. There are, however, two problems with this Double LLC setup. First, it's expensive. Sunbiz's initial and annual report filing fees are high. Second, this makes your paperwork technically incorrect as two LLCs cannot own each other. This means Sunbiz may or may not continue to allow the Double LLC setup.

Save Money & Your Right to Privacy

We have an anonymous Florida LLC alternative that avoids both issues. Our company has two locations. One in New Mexico (which allows anonymous LLCs) and one in Florida. In fact, we formed so many anonymous New Mexico LLCs for Florida clients (doing this exact setup) that we decided to establish a Florida location.

First, we establish an anonymous New Mexico LLC starting at $99 plus state fees. This LLC has no annual reports - just our registered agent fee. Second, we file an LLC in Florida with the anonymous NM LLC as the owner. This Double LLC setup provides lower fees than using two Florida companies and keeps your paperwork correct.

Anonymous LLC Benefits

A common question is whether it's "ok" to create an anonymous company. Clients often explain they are not "up to no good" - they simply want a little privacy. At Cindy's Florida LLC, we understand. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your name, address, phone and other personal information off of the internet.

Putting private information online is not a good idea. Have you ever considered putting your bank account numbers, home address, phone and other details onto Facebook? Of course not. This could only invite trouble from intruding neighbors, needy family, and treasure hunters. The same holds true for creating a company.

What's a Double LLC?

A Double LLC can be thought of as a holding company and subsidiary setup. This structuring will allow the formation of an anonymous LLC in a state that would not otherwise allow it. Clients who favor privacy and want to completely protect their personal information utilize this practice.

When you first think about it, a company that owns another may seem like an odd strategy. In the business world, though, it is common practice. Companies own smaller companies that own other companies and so on. It is a legitimate and perfectly legal practice that can help keep your information private, protect your assets, and minimize taxes.

Florida LLC Privacy

In the State of Florida, if someone wants to know who owns a Florida company, they can perform a simple search in the Florida Division of Corporations public records. This search would reveal the name and address that you listed on the company’s formation documents, as well as member information listed on your annual report filed each year.

If you choose to form your LLC on your own and also serve as its registered agent, there is no other option available to you when it comes to disclosing this information. All of your personally identifying information is public. The documents require it and your information will end up available for public viewing. Enlisting the aid of a professional formation service avoids this. Our service is your best option for creating a private company.

How to Form a Double LLC:

Follow these steps to form an anonymous Florida LLC:

  1. Form Two LLCs: Our order form makes this simple. Simply select the anonymous LLC package and we handle everything for you. For both companies, we list only our information for the place of business, Organizer, etc. This step shields you from the first required disclosure of information on your Articles of Organization, as neither your name nor address will be on this publicly available document.
  2. Annual Reports: New Mexico has no annual report fee, only our registered agent service. For Florida, the report requires that you list the name of a member and here we put another anonymous company. This process is legal and removes your information from the public record. Our Double LLC setup also saves you from paying an extra annual report filing fee in Florida. Sunbiz charges $125 for just the filing, plus whatever amount you would pay the other services for handling.
  3. Ongoing Support: Most other LLC formation services do only that - they form LLCs. We provide additional services that make operating your company easier. We can set up a virtual office, keep your books, act as your registered agent, and more. These are all designed to make running your company simple, as it should be.

Florida Double LLC Ensures Your Privacy

This anonymous LLC strategy is a straightforward process that ensures your privacy when handled correctly. This process can work in other states too. If that state requires that a manager or a filer sign your documents, we can fill that role by acting as a nominee manager where needed. When you complete this process effectively, any person searching online only finds our information rather than yours.

Most other LLC formation services do only that - they form LLCs. We provide additional services that make operating your company easier. We can set up a virtual office, keep your books, act as your registered agent, and more. These are all designed to make running your company simple, as it should be.

Florida Land Trust

An anonymous LLC can be combined with a Florida land trust for additional privacy. Generally, an LLC  is used for the beneficiary and the trustee. Note, the beneficiary and trustee must be separate limited liability companies. These two LLCs can be formed anonymously to keep your name off real estate records completely.