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There are several technological advancements in recent years that have had tremendous impact on the business world and the way everyday business operations are conducted. This has been especially helpful for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business but are faced with obstacles, often due to lack of resources.

If you are without a physical office location for your business, there are many benefits that a virtual office can provide your Florida LLC.

Virtual Office Benefits

Professional Impression

With our virtual office service, you will receive your own suite number in our building. The address you are provided will be unique to your business. If someone were to search your address, they would see our office building. Compare this to a home address or UPS store. Clients will be much more receptive to your services and willing to build a relationship with you if you present a professional appearance.

Cost Effective

As a small business, you may have to rely on fewer employees and avoid an expensive lease. But this does not mean you don't need the benefits and resources those things provide. With a virtual office, we handle and forward your mail, offer answering services, and provide access to an online document portal. Also, there's a good chance you don't want to host clients or customers at your own home. Other meeting location options, such as a hotel meeting room can run very expensive. Public options, like a coffee shop, can be noisy and disruptive or lack the privacy that a particular meeting might require. Our virtual office service includes a professional meeting room for your use.

Privacy Protection

Beyond matters of professionalism and cost effectiveness, there is the simple and practical reason that many prefer not to have their personal information associated with their business and made available to the public. With a virtual office, you don't have to ever give out your home address or any other personal contact information. You can keep this information completely private while retaining the ability to be reached.

Virtual Office Benefits

What a Virtual Office Offers

Mail Forwarding Service

Our mail service forwards your mail free of charge. Additionally, this service is useful when registering your business with the Florida Division of Corporations, as every business is required to list an address and phone number. This information, in turn, is made available for public search. If you would prefer that your personal information be kept private, you can list your virtual office information.

Physical Address for Your Business

We offer a physical address for your business, not a P.O Box, that looks appealing to clients. The office is useful for marketing and establishing an online presence to build trust with clients. We don’t offer a lease agreement in Florida, but can provide one through partners in other states. If you require a lease, or unique suite number, please contact us today.

Local Phone Number

Our phone service provides you a local Florida number, which you can set to forward to a different number or use on your phone with a VOIP application. Additionally, we can set up an 800 number or fax number if your business requires this.

What a Virtual Office Offers

Virtual Office vs. Home Office

When it comes to a business address, there are several reasons why a business owner should consider using a virtual office in place of their home address. There are even legal considerations to keep in mind when it comes to your LLC. For example, you should be aware of your lease and Home Owners Association rules. Some apartment buildings or condo complexes restrict resident ability to run businesses out of their homes. Also, be aware of city zoning restrictions as some municipality codes restrict, or in some cases prohibit, certain commercial businesses from operating out of homes.

With so many responsibilities and competing priorities, business owners may find that a virtual office offers them infrastructure options and administrative services that help lighten the load and provide them more opportunity. Our Florida virtual office service is competitive and offers the best value. We have a great reputation that you can trust, and we offer many additional services to help you and your business as it grows.

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