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Every Florida company must have a registered agent. The agent is the public face and responsible for receipt of important tax and legal documents. If the Florida LLC is formed correctly, you can prevent your personal information from appearing online. This means you can form an anonymous LLC in Florida with our service.

Can You be Your Own Registered Agent in Florida?

The largest reason not to is because the agent's information appears online. If you're an online or home based business, this means your home address will appear online. If you have a physical location, then every time you change addresses you will need to update your information or risk missing important documents.

Another reason is because a company's registered agent can receive potentially embarrassing information. Do you want to be served court or tax documents in front of employees, friends or colleagues? Further, if you are not always at the registered office address, then you risk missing time sensitive documents. For example, you may be served for an accident at your property, but not realize it. In such a case the clock begins ticking without you realizing it - effectively leaving you behind on important matters.

Can You be Your Own Registered Agent in Florida?

National Registered Agent Services

What you probably don't know is national registered agents often contract local providers such as us to fulfill their orders. This means national agents simply repackage and upsell what you can receive from our service. Why pay double or triple what we offer for the same service? We offer personalized and specialized service. We know Florida laws in and out. No getting stuck with a call center who knows nothing about your Florida LLC or Corporation. We get it right every time.

National Registered Agent Services


Having a qualified registered agent maintains your company's good standing classification with Florida. Some companies may choose to designate an individual to serve the role of registered agent, however enlisting a professional Florida Registered Agent Service offers these benefits:

  • Professional business address.
  • We do everything for you.
  • Keep your personal information private.
  • Use of an online document portal.
  • Free mail scanning.
  • Compliance reminders..

Whether you are running a business or interested in the privacy offered by an LLC, you want to make sure your registered agent choice is competent and experienced. Doing so will free you up to focus on more important matters and save you from costly mishaps and penalties.

Registered Agent Duties

Florida requires the designation of a registered agent in Florida for all Corporations and LLCs operating within the state. This also applies to any business registered in another state that will be operating within Florida and registering as foreign entities.

Your registered agent service must be available to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Receive important papers and official documents on behalf of your business. These might include business license renewals, annual report reminders or tax notices.
  • Inform the business of these documents and forward them on so that the business can take appropriate action.
  • Be available to receive service of process on behalf of the entity during normal business hours at your registered address.

These are the official responsibilities of the Florida registered agent. In some cases, your registered agent may be responsible for additional services if determined between you and the agent. These might include filing registration forms before appropriate deadlines, license renewals, annual report assistance, mail scanning, answering your phone, maintaining your virtual office and more.

Registered Agent Duties

Registered Agent Requirements

In order to be eligible to serve as a registered agent in Florida, you must either be a Florida resident or Florida company. Out of state companies and individuals cannot perform this function. They must be in state with a functioning business address.

If you designate a company for this role, that company must be authorized to conduct business in Florida. Your registered agent must also maintain a physical address in Florida. This cannot simply be a post office box or private mailbox. Additionally, the registered agent, or an employee of the agent, must maintain regular business hours during which they are available for in-person receipt of documents.

If you live in Florida and wish to serve as your own registered agent, you have the option to do so. However, many choose to designate a professional registered agent service for the following reasons:

  • Privacy: The registered agent’s information becomes publicly available online, such as name, address, phone, email, and signature.
  • Consistency: A professional service maintains a presence in the state even if you were to move, so there are no notifications to the state or fees to worry about.
  • Expertise: An expert will handle your private information correctly and make sure important fees and forms are filed on time. Hiring an expert provides you with a valuable resource, i.e. peace of mind.
Registered Agent Requirements

Choosing Your Registered Agent

Your Florida company must maintain a registered agent to remain active. However, simply choosing the cheapest registered agent in Florida can get you into trouble down the road.

The smartest and safest choice you can make for your registered agent is a local and professional service such as ours. You will know that your entity's legal notices are handled promptly and correctly.

With us you have a professional partner working on your behalf, which means not having to constantly check in to make sure matters are being taken care of the right way. Everything is done correctly the first time.

Choosing Your Registered Agent

Form a Florida LLC

We include your first year of registered agent service if we form your LLC. Every company must maintain an agent and we recommend using a professional service to keep your personal details private. Otherwise, if you act as your own agent, then your details will be searchable on Sunbiz.

Florida Corporations

Our Florida incorporation service includes the first year of registered agent service. We will file your Articles of Incorporation, act as your agent, draft bylaws, organizational minutes and a share subscription agreement. In future years, we will remind you about your annual report to keep you in good standing. With our Florida agent service you can avoid being served in front of employees or families.

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