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Once you have formed your LLC, you are required to file annual reports with the state on its behalf. This is the practice in the State of Florida, where you must file your annual report with the Florida Division of Corporations by May 1 st of every year to maintain your LLC benefits.

The annual report is neither very long nor complex. Its purpose is mainly to confirm information about your business and confirm that it is still operating in good standing. The information that you provide will consist of your business address, the name and address of your registered agent, and anyone authorized to manage the LLC. There is also an accompanying filing fee of $138.75 for LLCs.

If necessary, you can make certain changes to your annual report information, as the state will want your most up-to-date information. Here are the changes you can make on your annual report that do not require an amendment:

  • The names and addresses of members and managers
  • Your registered agent’s name and address
  • The address of your principal office
  • Your Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Failing to File Your Annual Report

There is a $400 fee assessed for failure to file an annual report and there are no scenarios in which this fee can be waived. In the event your LLC maintains this failure to file, the Florida Division of Corporations can administratively dissolve your LLC.

There are serious consequences that can follow your LLC’s dissolution. For example, your LLC will no longer be able to conduct business in the State of Florida or have legal standing in Florida courts. While reinstatement of good standing is possible to achieve for your LLC, it is certainly best to avoid, as there are fees and applications that must be filed before reinstatement is a possibility.

Failing to File Your Annual Report

About Your Florida Annual Report

Here is the information you should be aware of when you go to file your annual report with the State of Florida:

  • All entities in Florida must file an annual report with the Division of Corporations.
  • The due date for annual reports is May 1 st .
  • The report must be filed online at the Division of Corporations website.
  • A filing fee accompanies every report. The fee depends on the entity filing. For Florida LLCs the amount is $138.75.

Filing Your Annual Report in Florida

When you are ready to file your annual report, visit the Florida Division of Corporations website. Here is what you will need when you go to file:

Document Number: This number is provided by the Division of Corporations in their annual report notice sent either by email or postcard. You can also search the number of your business in the Department of State online records.

Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN): This is your unique 9-digit number assigned by the IRS. Some companies are not required to have one, in which case it will not be necessary to your filing.

Payment Method: A valid payment method is required for the accompanying filing fee. Acceptable methods are debit/credit card, check, money order, or Sunbiz e-file account.

Next, visit the Sunbiz Annual Report Portal at the Division of Corporations website. Enter your business specific document number. Then, confirm your business information. This will include information like your company name, principal address, EIN, mailing address, email, registered agent, member and manager names and addresses.

While it is possible to complete these steps on your own, you also have the option of hiring our services. We will handle every aspect of your annual report, including its filing, so that you know everything is completed correctly and your LLC is in good standing. This helps ensure you don't lose important benefits such as the corporate veil. We also offer several other helpful formation services, freeing you up to focus on other business priorities. Note, every company must file their report - even Single Member LLCs.

Filing Your Annual Report in Florida
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