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Importance of Math in Business for Kids

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Importance of Math in Business for Kids

Math may or may not be your favorite subject, but it is a subject that will be important for the rest of your life. Math is used in all business-related careers as well as many other types of jobs. You'll also need math in everyday life: You'll use math to shop for food or clothing, pay bills, or book a fun vacation. A lot of the math you will use all the time is money math. You'll need to get good at counting money and figuring out whether you have enough money to pay for things. Knowing how to use percentages is also helpful for things like figuring out how much something costs when it's on sale or figuring out how much it will cost for you to borrow money. When you run a business, you'll need to spend a lot of time doing math so you can understand how much you're spending and how much you're making. You will be a more successful person in any business if your math skills are strong. Luckily, there are lots of resources online that can help you get better at math, and many of them are fun, too!

Math and Money

  • Number Worms Math Game: Create longer and longer worms as you solve math problems and avoid the black worm to win this fast-paced game.
  • Curious George Monkey Jump: Help everyone's favorite monkey, Curious George, practice his counting skills.
  • Math Playground Factor Pair-Up: Match up factors and learn more about multiplication and division.
  • Math Clash Game: Battle your opponent to see who can get more points by answering the questions quickly and correctly.
  • Play Math Mahjong Solitaire: Playing this matching game is a great way to relax and can also help you get better at math.
  • Adding Fractions With Like Denominators: Practice this skill and make sure you never have to worry about letting fractions confuse you!
  • Quiz: Can You Solve These Math Problems?  This quiz is a little more in-depth for those who are pretty good at math but want to test themselves.
  • Multiplication Table Quiz: Multiplication will be used in so many parts of your life, and this quiz can help you make sure that you have all of your times tables memorized.
  • Order of Operations Quiz: When you have to solve equations, you need to know the right order to solve different parts of it to get the right answer. Practice solving equations correctly here.
  • Coordinates of Points Math Test: Test your ability to understand and work with coordinated points on graphs.
  • Money Math Practice: Counting money is a basic math skill that everyone needs to learn, and this practice can help you understand the basics of shopping.
  • Division Practice Game: Work on your division skills with this fun game!


  • Free Printable Money Quiz for Kids: You'll need to use money to do business, whether you run your own business or you're a customer, and this printable quiz can help you learn how to count money accurately.
  • The Trading Game: Try this simulation game to learn about how goods are traded between different countries.
  • Coin Memory Match Game: Memory is a great game, and here, you can practice memory skills and remembering what coins are worth.
  • Barter vs. Money: Learn about the differences between bartering for goods and paying with money.
  • Change Maker Game: Make a purchase and practice figuring out the correct change you should receive.
  • Garage Sale Wizard Game: Host a virtual garage sale, look at the offers for each of your items, and decide which offer you should accept to make the most money.
  • Jay Starts a  Business: Walk through starting a business with Jay and see how to grow and run a successful business.
  • Fun Math Game Printables: These games are a solution to boredom when you are not going to have access to the Internet.
  • Ice Cream Truck Business Simulation Game: Run your own ice cream truck and see how well you do!
  • Money Worksheet: Make sure you know exactly how to count money.
  • Introduction to Interest: Learn the basics of what interest is and how it affects people and business owners.
  • Working Capital: For older students, this game looks at the financial factors that go into running a business, from buying materials to selling goods.
  • Cookie Tycoon: Play this fun game and see if you can earn a profit selling cookies and cakes at your own bakery.