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Florida Mail Scanning & Forwarding

Table Of Contents

  1. Florida Mail Scanning & Forwarding
  2. You Use Their Address
  3. Physical Mail Forwarding
  4. Scanning and Forwarding
  5. Works With Virtual Offices
  6. Companies That Should Consider Mail Forwarding

When you run a corporation or an LLC, it is crucial to ensure that you always receive your mail. At the same time, however, you want privacy. You may have concerns that if your mailing address was publicly available, unscrupulous people would somehow use that to their advantage, whether visiting you in person or spamming you with advertisements.

Because of these concerns, many companies that assist with the formation of LLCs and corporations in Florida will also offer services for mail forwarding. You can likely find this service from the same company that acts as your registered agent.

You Use Their Address

When you hire a mail service for your LLC, you will get to use the address of the service for all your needs. This would include on things such as your website, business cards, and invoices, plus anywhere else the address is required.

There would be the option to use a virtual address or post office boxes, but those simply are not as useful. Certain types of mail and packages cannot be delivered to post office boxes or virtual addresses.

Physical Mail Forwarding

The important part of mail forwarding is physically sending the mail to you. In the case of physical forwarding, the pricing will vary. Sometimes this will be included in the service as a registered agent, only requiring you to pay for postage. Sometimes you will not even need to pay postage as that small fee is already included.

Scanning and Forwarding

Because time is frequently of the essence when it comes to official communications and the technology exists, most mail forwarding services for LLCs and corporations will also offer scanning. This involves scanning the mail that your LLC receives and then sending it to you in a very timely manner. This way, you can receive a copy of your mail almost immediately. It is then followed up with the physical mail forwarding, but there is no need to wait for the physical letters to arrive.

Works With Virtual Offices

In most cases, the various mail forwarding services offered can also include related virtual office services. The virtual office should include things such as unlimited handling of your mail, a phone number for your business, and even a lease agreement of a commercial nature.

Companies That Should Consider Mail Forwarding

Any company of any size can consider hiring mailing services to assist their privacy and workflow. Many companies who hire these services do so for the privacy aspect. They do not want to give out their own address and prefer to have a different one they can use. Others may prefer to have their business address in a location that is associated with more prestige than their physical location.

Some companies that hire these services are out of the office frequently and need to have an address that is always staffed to receive packages as well as time-sensitive documents. Yet others may simply not want to have to interact with the carriers who deliver packages and mail as it takes away valuable time from other company activities.

Luckily, it should be relatively straightforward for companies of any size to find mail services to match their needs.