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About Me
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I have started and sold 12 businesses in my career. In my experience, the step that was unnecessarily difficult was the formation paperwork. Those experiences drove me to establish this company.

My site was designed with you in mind. I understand filing your Articles with Sunbiz is only the first part of running a successful company.

Learn more about me on my Linkedin page here.

Unsure an LLC or Corporation is for you? Whether your learning the ABCs of LLCs, or establishing a Professional Corporation, my team can help. My goal is to empower clients via informational and DIY pages. From obtaining an EIN, to establishing a bank account or live phone answering... we're happy to help :)


Mail Scanning

(Every Entity Receives 5 Free Pieces Per Year Automatically)
  • ✔ Monthly Mail Service » $100
  • ✔ Weekly Mail » $150
  • ✔ Daily Mail » $200
  • ✔ 5 Extra Pieces (10 Total) » $50


  • ✔ EIN (US Residents) for Double LLC (2 EINs) » $100
  • ✔ Foreign EIN (Non-US Residents) - for Double LLC (2 EINs) » $300
  • ✔ EIN (US Residents) » $50
  • ✔ Foreign EIN (Non-US Residents) » $150

Certified Copies or Certificate of Incumbency

  • ✔ Certified Copies & Certificate of Status » $75
  • ✔ Certificate of Incumbency » $50

Phone Forwarding or Answering

  • ✔ Live Phone Answering Base Rate + $1.5 Per Minute » $50
  • ✔ Phone Forwarding » $10


(For International Clients)
  • Apostilled Articles » $25


Check out the reviews from our happy customers. Even more - here

There are some great articles on forming Florida LLCs vs another state, e.g. Delaware, Wyoming or New Mexico.

Richard Lalli

A friendly local registered agent. I prefer her to the faceless competitors!

David Hudson

Cindy's a sweetheart. I'll definitely be coming back.

Billy Shaw