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Fast Florida LLC Formations

We make forming a Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC) easy and fast. We do everything from submitting your company's Articles and drafting the operating agreement to being your registered agent in Florida.

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Fast Florida LLC Formations
Fast New Mexico LLC Formations

Fast Formations Same Day Filing - $225 TOTAL

Fast New Mexico LLC Formations

Anonymous LLCs Available Upon Request

Fast New Mexico LLC Formations

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LLC Benefits for just $225

Florida LLC Benefits

Florida's Sunbiz and Divison of Corporations encourage new business formations. They provide limited liability protections while lowering personal and business. If formed correctly, a Florida LLC can also be anonymous - thus providing you with a degree of protection from fortune hunters and those who wish you harm. Forming an LLC provides important benefits  and you should choose a formation service that understands the ins and outs of the process. Florida companies have the following advantages:

Do your research before forming a limited liability company. Competing providers add unnecessary fees and force you to publish personal details. Find a discussion of Florida LLC advantages here..

  • Anonymous Formation Strategies
  • Everything Done Online
  • Fast Filing Times
  • No Visit to Florida
  • No Visit to U.S.A.
  • LLCs are Taxable as S-Corps
  • LLCs are Taxable as C-Corps
  • Be A Resident Anywhere Worldwide
  • Limit Your Liability
LLC Fees for just $225

What you should know

Those desiring additional protections may consider establishing a holding companies with subsidiaries. Such structures are common for real estate and other risk prone industries, or for those with significant personal assets who are interested in protecting them. A holding company separates valuable assets from operating liabilities. This graphics shows how the structure works:

Florida LLC Formations

Florida leads the US in corporate disclosure laws and transparency. The Public Records Law and Government in the Sunshine Law each dictate what each company must disclose and that such disclosures be permanently available for anyone who wants them. Given this, many incorrectly assume it is not possible to form an anonymous LLC in Florida.

A Florida LLC is required to list its owner on the formation documents. The easiest solution is to form an anonymous LLC in another state and list it as the owner. For example, New Mexico offers an anonymous LLC that has no annual report. Setting up such an LLC and listing it as the owner leads anyone who wants to find your identity into a dead end. There many legitimate motives for desiring anonymity - especially during the digital age. Public documents were previously hard to hunt down. Involving faxing and mailing things across the country. The records were piles of documents in a county building somewhere. Today, though, corporate records are easy to search for online.

We generally advise forming an LLC because they're easier to manage and have more tax flexibility than a Corporation. However, there are some circumstances where a traditional Corporation is the best choice. For example, if a board of directors is desired, or split share classes, then a Corp can provide an easier template to work with. While Florida does have a corporate tax rate of 5.5%, in addition to the federal rate, S-Corp taxation is available. Learn more here about Florida corporations.

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We make forming a Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC) easy and fast. We do everything from submitting your company's Articles and drafting the operating agreement to being your registered agent in Florida. We submit everything within 24hrs and generally Sunbiz accepts the company within 3-10 days (depending upon Florida's volume), so everything will be ready to print, sign and take to the bank.

Our service also provides the option of forming an anonymous LLC in Florida so that your personal details do not appear on the Sunbiz website. Competing formation services take more time and charge obscene fees for expedited service. Everything is filed within 24 hours of us receiving your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Permitted LLC Endings

Florida dictates every LLC's name must disclose it is a limited liability company. The most frequent way of doing this is by simply adding "LLC" to the end, however you may use any variation such as "limited liability company" "Limited Liability Co.", "Limited Co.", etc.

More Than LLCs

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Florida Land Trust

A land trust is generally used to anonymously own real estate. It can also be used to transfer a property out of your name and to enjoy the benefits of an LLC. The trust avoids accelerating the mortgage and removes your personal name from the title. Learn more about Florida land trusts.

Florida Registered Agent Services

Florida companies must maintain a registered agent in Florida. Each LLC we create includes registered agent services for a year. Afterward, our service is $75 annually and includes the use of our address to keep you private. We also provide filing notifications and keep your personal address out of the public record. Follow our link to learn more about why you shouldn't be your own registered agent.

The primary reason not to register the LLC yourself is the privacy aspect. We have clients call us every week who tried to save a few dollars doing it themselves. They quickly found out one mistake cost them more than money. Having us set up your LLC also provides you with a number of important documents and a help line in case you have any questions.

There are other providers. However, most of them tend to be large national incorporation companies. They charge more, take longer and care less than we do. Some of them are simply just resellers of local incorporation and virtual office providers such as us. There are no call center employees here, nor will you ever be passed off from one person to another.

In future years, you can save money with our cheap $75 registered agent service.

An EIN stands for Employer Identification Number, or more simply is an Employer ID. This number functions as the equivalent of the company's social security number. It is required to open a bank account, have employees and to obtain wholesale rates. Having an EIN is important because it allows the separation of your personal and business assets. This separation assists with asset protection and obtaining various tax benefits which can only be had by setting up a company.

The corporate veil is what provides personal protection from business liabilities. It centers around the idea that the LLC or Corporation is an entity separate from its owners. As such, the company can agree to contracts and be solely liable for debt and other liabilities. This degree of separation prevents the owner's assets from being taken by the company's creditors.

Our service provides everything needed to open a bank account except an EIN (which we can assist with too). You receive your Articles of Organization with the Sunbiz stamp, an Operating Agreement and more. These documents are ready to download, print and sign whereas other services often provide templates you must complete yourself. All of our documents are in word format and can easily be edited without any additional fees.

An operating agreement is a contract which delineates the rights and responsibilities of the owners and managers. With one owner the the operating agreement is fairly short. In such cases, the agreement creates some guidelines and is useful for opening a bank account, but there is no need for protection from other owners.

Florida requires you file an annual report every year to keep your company in good standing. Failure to pay on time can result in significant fines. We are happy to assist you with filing this report. For simplicity, simply check the subscribe feature on our site to automatically renew every year without any worries.

We strongly advise against this. A "Sole-Prop" is when you run everything personally. This provides no protection from liabilities, no tax benefits and is not viewed as being professional generally speaking.

A limited liability company is treated as a pass through entity by default. For FL residents this means there will be no personal income tax since the company's earnings flow directly onto your personal tax statement. While an LLC does not pay taxes directly, it can still assist with lowering your overall tax rate. This is due to the new tax laws congress has passed which provide unique benefits to business owners you cannot obtain via being a sole-proprietorship.


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Awesome, attentive, fast, overall great service. It was simple, and she was always available via phone, or email to answer any of my questions. Even helped me to secure my foundation on the specific date I wanted.

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Cindy is super great helped me LLC my company and gave me all the correct documents. Thanks!! She was awesome and very responsive. 5 Stars

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Extraordinary client care... Lightening fast response to questions. This was my third LLC formed. The first two I did myself. Cindy made it so simple and thoroughly done that I wonder why I ever did the others. She is so worth the money!

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