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Unfortunately, Florida LLCs are not anonymous, but Cindy's Florida LLC Formations in Sarasota can assist you with forming an anonymous LLC in New Mexico or Wyoming that lists the Florida LLC's owner and keeps your personal information out of the public record, protects your assets, and minimizes taxes.

We have formed thousands of anonymous LLCs and would love to help you with yours. While you may think forming two Florida LLCs that are listed as the owners of each other would resolve the problem, this is not a viable solution.

A Double LLC can be expensive and, technically, two LLCs cannot own each other, so your paperwork will be incorrect. We have an anonymous Florida LLC alternative that avoids both issues!

Our company has two locations - one in New Mexico (which allows anonymous LLCs) and one in Florida (that doesn’t).

For our Florida clients, we first establish an anonymous New Mexico LLC. This LLC requires no annual reports - just our registered agent fee.

Second, we file a Florida LLC that lists the anonymous New Mexico LLC as the owner. This legitimate Double LLC setup offers lower fees than using two Florida companies and keeps your paperwork in order.

What Does an LLC Protect Me From?

If you fail to set up a legal structure for your business, your business will legally be viewed as a sole proprietorship (if one owner) or a partnership (two or more owners).

Both of these designations will leave your personal assets exposed. If you or the partnership are sued, your personal assets, such as your bank accounts, home, and cars, are at risk of being used to settle your business debts and liabilities.

Forming an LLC will make your personal assets safe.

What Does an LLC Protect Me From?

Can I Form an LLC in a State I Don’t Live In?

If you live in a state with high taxes and want to start an LLC, registering it in a different state may save you money and resources. You have to comply with the laws of both the state of incorporation and the state where your company conducts its primary business.

For the most part, your business is free to form an LLC in any state. But you will most likely also need to qualify your LLC to do business in your home state. This would require the filing of additional paperwork and payment of additional fees.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all states allow all businesses to be organized as LLCs. For example, some professionals, such as accountants, architects, and massage therapists, are not permitted to form LLCs in California. This could impact your decision.

Can I Form an LLC in a State I Don’t Live In?

Is It Legal to Form an Anonymous LLC?

When you want to protect your privacy and keep your ownership information out of the public eye and off of the Internet, the answer is “YES!” Forming an anonymous LLC will enable you to protect your personal information while shielding your investments from lawsuits and creditors.

Keeping things anonymous offers a variety of benefits to you and your company:

  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Protect Privacy
  • Prevent Harassment from Salespeople and Competitors
  • Avoid Frivolous Lawsuits
  • Asset Protection

An anonymous LLC gives you more flexibility and security in managing your real estate investments, but only four states – Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, Wyoming - currently permit anonymous LLCs.

Many small Florida businesses prefer LLCs over corporations because they are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and more flexible.

Asset protection trusts and anonymous LLCs offer the strongest privacy protection you can find. Cindy's Florida LLC Formations will help ensure everything runs smoothly.

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